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for themselves whether they want to join and financially support a union the governor says that could create more jobs, others are worried that the legislation could weaken the union's power and lead to lower wages for everyone. >> it is a big deal because what they want us to do, they want to reduce workers down to working for less. it is not about, more jobs. the jobs are going to be there. about what conditions you work under. we want to basically work, rite to work and have benefits and feed the middle class like we were. and this legislation is trying to reduce the middle class even further. rick: the fight in michigan has big national implications for organized labor as it is poised to become the 24th state with right-to-work laws. those states that have that legislation in state, 13 have jobless rates lower than the national averages. mike tobin is live in lansing. mike, a lot of activity there. describe the scene for us. >> reporter: well, it is pretty remarkable. moments ago they were chanting, don't sign the bill, don't sign the bill. there is degree which that is futile effort because
into law making michigan the nation's 24th right it work state. now despite violent pro-union protests all day, governor snyder last night said these new laws will create more jobs. >> i don't view this as anti-union at all. i believe this is pro-worker. this is an opportunity for unions to step up to say how they can provide the best value to workers in our state and be really responsive and listen to them and hopefully get successful getting workers on board. jenna: many strong opinions about this. mike tobin in lansing, michigan with the latest. mike? >> reporter: a lot of sound, fury and big numbers are gone from the demonstrationsgan. if you look behind me the afl-cio with a silent protests. you see tape across their mouth. $1500 less that's what they believe on average workers will make here in michigan now that it has become a right-to-work state. this is sharp contrast what we saw yesterday, hundreds and hundreds of angry demonstrators on the capitol ground and capitol building itself. the democrats say this does in the mean the fight is over. a spokesman for the democratic party s
, and it is supplied by the soviet union, it's intended to be delivered principally by soviet-style scud rockets. and, essentially, when you fire explode over the target, they set up a cloud, if you will, of deadly gas. and in the middle east iraq has used it twice, once against their own people and once against the iranians, and so there's a precedent, if you will, jon, for the use of deadly nerve agent in the middle east. the downside for the syrians, of course, is that the worst place to use nerve agent, if that's the proper term, is in the middle east because it dissipates easily, very difficult in desert terrain for it to last very long, but it's a deadly and potent weapon. and i know the administration is concerned about in their last moments the syrians using this thing as sort of a revenge weapon. jon: yeah. well, sometimes weapons systems, as you know, are constructed for deterrence. is it possible he's just trying to scare some people here, or does he really spend to use these things? >> yeah, i absolutely agree with that. i think he had a bad moment when it looked like the gates were closi
: president obama facing another key test ahead of his second term over another union battle as a major strike deadline approaches. the next fight concerns our nation's ports. doug mckelway joins us live from washington with details. and, doug, the complaints of the longshoremen whose strike was temporarily averted last week is a symbol what is threatening unions across the u.s., right? >> reporter: it sure is, uma. the longshoremen reached a temporary, 30-day deal last week, last friday which puts off immediate threat of a strike but the long term problems remain. today, for example, it takes one longshoremen to do a job that a generation ago took three men to do. as automation increased longshoremen's union demanded their job security preserved but the industry finds it prohibitively expensive. >> an tick waited rules. we've seen it in the automotive industry, the steel industry, in several productivity machines and they come into play and people get displaced by. that it is a difficult thing. in order to maintain the cost and competitiveness in a global marketplace we have got to pay attent
you, jenna. the itu, or international telecommunications union is a body within the u.n. that was set up to regulate communications more than a century ago and conference that begins today is reviewing these rules established long before the internet became a primary mode of communications and critics say these changes made by the u.n. body could impact every-day communications. >> this would affect actually every cell phone, tablet and personal computer in the world because pretty much every chip in all those types of consumer devices have an ip address associated with them and therefore there are proposals that the itu that there be registry for each of those computer chips. >> reporter: the u.s. position has been no expansion of the itu or the united nations jurisdiction over the init internet period. the use is in support of the web neutrality but the conference in dubai raises a specter of nations including iran, china, russia and others agreeing to live under the u.n. rules, what critics call restrictions. while the u.n. --. pardon me. while the u.n. maintains this is not about
there are new concerns about the economic impact of this crippling union strike at the nation's busiest seaports. more than 10,000 employees at the ports of los angeles and long beach are refusing to return to work. a similar situation back in 2002 cost the city an estimated one billion dollars a day and took supply chain more than six months to recover, affecting nearly everybody. there is concern this strike may have even greater impact considering the fragile state of the economy in our country. adam housley is live at the port in long beach. adam, what is the latest there? >> reporter: jenna both sides are actually meeting at the table right now as we speak, the mayor of los angeles, other political forces are here as well trying to push both sides forward to find a settlement if at all possible. 800 workers, clerical workers walked off the job here. because of that 10,000 longshoremen won't cross. we talked to both sides. clerical workers say they're upset for a number of reasons. their main contention once they retire their shock jobs are shipped overseas. they don't want the jobs outsourc
banks and credit unions across the country. adam shapiro from the fox business network with all of this. quite a story adam. who is being targeted here and are we all at risk? >> according to mcafee labs they're taking this as a credible threat. part of russian hackers part of a criminal underground and targeting high net worth indivduals. they have already according to mcafee kind of run the trojan that is getting into the computer and allows them to get into your bank account. they have done this to 300 to 500 people since about 2007. the cyber hackers are claiming to have transferred about $5 million as they do this. essentially it is high net worth indivduals at roughly 30 institutions in the united states. the institutions are not named but they're going after national banks, investment banks. so you have to protect yourself but they take this as a credible threat. jenna: a credible threat. we know about it, we're talk about it on the news. are the banks prepared for this? >> reporter: that's a great question. first of all the attack was supposed to come sometime this spring. it wa
specific proposals. i will be talking about them in my state of the union and we will be working with interested members of congress to try to get something done and, you know, the idea that we would say this is terrible, this is a tragedy, never again and we don't have the sustained attention span to be able to get this done over the next several months doesn't make sense. i have more confidence in the american people than that. i have more confidence in the parents, the mothers and fathers, that i have been meeting over the last several days, all across the country from all political persuasions including a lot of gun owners who say, you know what? this time we've got to do things differently. >> what about the nra? >> well, the nra is an organization that has members who are mothers and fathers and i would expect that they have been impacted by this as well and hopefully they will do some self-reflection and. here's what we know. that any single gun law can't solve all these problems. we're going to have to look at mental health issues. we'll have to look at schools. there are
and even the state of the union address to blame republicans for falling off the cliff. is that the best approach for the president to lead, by basically tormenting john boehner? >> well, look it depends on what the president is after. you know, it's my belief that the way you get a negotiation done, particularly one that might be politically difficult, is to try to find a way for both sides to win so that they can explain why they had to give up something tough. for republicans, giving on tax rates for any income eastern eris just philosophically and politically very difficult. for democrats, giving on entitlements, allowing some sort of very significant entitlement reform is very difficult, and so it doesn't help when you try and characterize your opponent as losing, and you as winning. the best way to do this. if it's going to work, is to create something where everybody can talk about how they won something important. kelly: you're talking about finding a common ground, a common bond as opposed to -- >> i'm talking about how you characterize it. no matter what it is, kelly it's about
relations board and the unions that tried to take boeing down. he has shown it with his fiscal representation and the fact that he knows the value of a dollar. he understands what every family and small business goes through, and he has stayed consistent to that. it also -- jenna: so this is the process in south carolina. the governor there announcing the replacement for senator jim demint and announcing that congressman scott is to become the senator for that state for the next several years, i believe until 2014, when he'll have to run for re-election. that will vacate his seat in the house. by the way, this will be the first african-american gop senator since 1979, and nikki haley referring in some ways there to the changing of the guard in the south carolina senate position. we'll bring you back there in just a moment, follow that announcement david drucker's going to be with us in just a quick second after a break to talk about what this means for congress and the path ahead in 2013. we'll be right back. even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years.
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)